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Toddlers: 13-23 Months

Program is designed for toddlers 13 - 23 months.

Teacher-Child: Ratio is lower than State Requirements.

Activities are Self-directed and teacher-directed.

A large variety of toys and equipment builds cognitive skills, and improves large and small motor skills.

A separate playground area, secured by a six foot fence. Infants through toddlers’ share this playground area throughout the day at specified times.

Between the ages of 13 and 23 months children walk well, start to potty train, and develop an even greater curiosity about the world around them. Our toddler classrooms keep active minds and bodies busy and engaged at every step with hands-on learning environments and a balance of self-directed and teacher-directed activities. Weather permitting, toddlers’ play outside on a separate playground. A daily reports keep you current on your child's foods and activities.

The toddler room is supplied with toddler-size furnishings and cots for nap time. A large variety of toys puzzles, books, and manipulative, provides ample opportunity to develop skills and to discover new and exciting activities.
No more paper daily sheets cluttering your counters and car! We use Daily Connect as our open communication to parents that give you instant information about your child sent directly to your phone or email. This app gives you real-time information on your child's feeding, diaper change and progress.

The Toddler Program

Our program works to strengthen all aspects of your growing toddler's development:

Building language - Through additional sign language skills, your toddler learns to communicate with caregivers and other children, so her individual needs are more easily met

Stories and songs - Exciting stories along with an array of silly and fun songs, help your toddler's imagination continue to grow while learning those important skills needed for the next developmental level

Creativity - Our facilities are designed with imagination in mind. As your toddler develops, she will continue to explore her abilities with music art and drama with the help of our developmentally appropriate learning centers located within each classroom. Our state-of-the-art facilities help to encourage creativity and imagination

Fine and gross motor skills - With your toddler on the move, a busy body is a healthy body! Whether it’s crawling, walking, reaching, or tossing, we help your child learn all about her body, and celebrate her accomplishments both great and small

Social interaction - When children enter into the world of toddlerhood, they become aware of the world around them. We believe that healthy and happy children understand the importance of friendship and harmony with their teachers and peers. Grayson Academy is especially designed to maximize friendly interaction between each child and their teachers, no matter the nationality, religious belief or cultural differences.

Field trip to the Zoo!

Field trip to the Zoo!

Field trip to Corn Dawgs

Field trip to Corn Dawgs

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