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Infants: 6 weeks - 12 months

Bright Baby- 6 weeks to 12 months. This program enhances the infant classroom with activities that promote brain development such as daily massages, simulation exercises and language development. Our loving environment offers tons of stimulation for your child's five senses.

Loving arms, kind voices, and plenty of sensory and physical play create a safe and caring environment in our infant classroom.

Program designed for infants 6 weeks - 12 months.

Teacher-Child ratio is lower than State requirements.

The custom-designed Infant Room is equipped to ensure a cheerful, homey, safe environment for your child.

Our loving teachers provide everything from cuddling to guidance, through the Infant Curriculum Program, to develop cognitive, sensory and emotional development.

A separate playground area, secured by a six foot fence. Infants through toddlers’ share this playground area throughout the day at specified times, to ensure no two different age groups are outside together.

For an infant, every day is a day filled with discovery. To help your infant develop and grow during this exciting time, we've created a safe and nurturing environment filled with all the comforts of home.

Our infant classrooms feature a teacher-child ratio well below the state mandated guidelines. Your child receives loving attention and encouragement throughout the day.
No more paper daily sheets cluttering your counters and car! We use Daily Connect as our open communication to parents that give you instant information about your child sent directly to your phone or email. This app gives you real-time information on your child's feeding, diaper change and progress.
The Infant Room is bright and cheerful with access to an outside play area design specifically for infants and toddlers. Each child's crib faces the open play area in the center of the room. The teacher has full view of each child at all times. Soft edges make for a safer environment for new walkers. Age appropriate toys fill the play area and allow young crawlers access to a variety of playthings.

Each baby has his separate, individual crib. Every child has a bin to hold a change of clothes and personal items. Toys are sanitized throughout the day, cribs and mattresses are wiped down and sanitized daily, sheets, play mats, highchair covers, boppy covers, etc. are routinely washed each day. Shoe covers are provided before entry into class to minimize dirt and outside particles from being in the same area as our precious babies.

Parents provide formula, food, wipes and diapers. Every child is unique and therefore requires individual types and kinds of formulas and foods. We request bottles and food come labeled with the child's name and date as required by Bright from the Start rules and guidelines.

Missing your little baby - no problem! Drop in at any time or log in from work or home into our secure camera system and view your baby at your convenience at any time throughout the day!

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