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Before & After School Program

Before/After School

We pick up and drop off from the following schools:

  • Cooper Elementary
  • Grayson Elementary
  • J.C. Magill Elementary
  • Rosebud Elementary
  • Tripp Elementary (GCPS Bus Picks up and Drops off)
  • Starling Elementary
  • BayCreek Middle School

Children benefit from a variety of curriculum materials written especially for after school hours, holiday breaks and summer camp. Each month, idea calendars, with relevant daily activities, are provided. These calendars encourage children to initiate activities with the support of the teacher. They are designed to be open-ended to inspire children to use their creativity while exploring the topic. During school breaks, weeklong, theme-based units are supplied. These include group time topics, art activities, and suggestions to enrich classroom zones. Each summer, campers participate in a ten-week super summer adventure. Children involved in the Grayson Academy Summer Program have the opportunity to take a virtual vacation to many fascinating places while learning fun facts and interesting information about our country and the world.

In many families, both parents work, making after school programs critical during the school year and particularly during school holidays. For children ages 5 to 12, Grayson Academy offers what parents are looking for - a safe environment for additional learning/study time and supervised activities.

Many families must choose a program that fits their child’s year-round schedule as it pertains to elementary school, summer activities and holidays. Grayson Academy uses a Monthly Idea Calendar that offers daily activity suggestions.

Our before and after school program offers the school-age child a welcomed break from the structured academic learning to a variety of Activity Zones to further enhance a child’s creativity, problem-solving, and decision making skills. In our fun, productive and supervised environment each child also has the opportunity to develop special friendships.

By meeting with parents, our teachers can determine what each child requires after school. Perhaps an older child needs more help in order to complete homework assignments, or a younger child may need special tutoring in reading or math. Our teachers know that after a busy day at school, children need time to play. Supervised playgrounds are divided by age groups and give each child the chance to direct that special energy only children have.

The Grayson Academy school age program is designed to extend your child’s academic learning from the traditional classroom setting into our quality learning center.

Senior Class

Senior Class

Junior Class

Junior Class

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