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2 Year Olds

Two year olds are always on the move, excited and able to explore the world around them! Grayson Academy understands the curiosity and readiness of toddlers and creates a challenging and kid-paced day to fulfill these needs.

Our Grayson Academy 2 year old Program grows along with your child, building on previous knowledge, and new challenges.

2's Curriculum includes:

  • Hands-on projects, designed to stimulate the toddler mind
  • A structured learning plan, designed to meet your child’s developmental needs
  • Problem solving challenges and puzzles
  • A fun, safe play environment for personal discovery and adventure
  • A rich educational environment filled with science, math, language, drama, music, art and more
  • Daily reports for you on the progress of your child; including updates on naps, toilet training and meals
  • Close attention to each and every toddler, to maximize personal growth
  • Lots of hugs and giggles
Creative Curriculum - The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos emphasizes the importance of daily routines and experiences as the foundation for responsive care giving and intentional teaching. Consistent routines enable teachers to help children build trust and autonomy. Responsive care helps children develop secure attachments to the important people in their lives. Teachers plan meaningful experiences by selecting materials that match children’s growing abilities and interests, by observing what children do, and by learning about children through their observations. While teachers plan experiences for the child, they keep in mind that they are only planning for the possibilities because they must be able to respond to whatever interests the child in the moment.The Grayson Academy Curriculum for 2's provides children with an array of individual, and small and large group activities. Each week children will explore a theme through group time introductions and reviews, daily enrichments, and additions to each learning center.
No more paper daily sheets cluttering your counters and car! We use PreciouStatus as our open communication to parents that give you instant information about your child sent directly to your phone or email.  This app gives you real-time information on your child's feeding, pottying and progress as well as receiving weekly newsletters from the classroom teachers update parents on activities, future class projects and field trips.
Because children like to learn new information and have the desire to master new tasks, much of what your child learns will be through self-directed experiences. Throughout the day children will have the opportunity to explore the classroom’s learning centers: Blocks & Building Design, Dramatic Play, Library & Literature, Math & Table Activities, Music & Movement, Sand & Water, Science & Discovery, and Writing Exploration. Learning through play, in these clearly defined areas of interest, promotes independence, fosters decision-making, and encourages hands-on involvement. Each learning center engages the child’s core components of development: social-emotional, language, cognitive, physical and aesthetic. Grayson Academy recognizes the importance of combining a well-designed curriculum with age appropriate learning centers and understands how these two classroom components contribute to each child’s development.
Our outdoor activities are planned to help extend learning to the outside classroom. Just as small muscle coordination is strengthened through puzzles, painting, and cutting, large muscle coordination is developed through outdoor play. Learning cooperation and team building through games and planned activities helps the preschool child understand effective physical and emotional management with his peers. Of course, sometimes just swinging and sliding are all children need to do and we take care of that with our state-of-the-art and age appropriate playground equipment.

Each child develops at their own pace and we encourage communication between staff members and parents on the progress of their child.

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