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Advanced Private Pre-K

Creative Curriculum - Advanced Private Preschool - 4 and 5 years This program will allow our private preschoolers to develop alphabet skills and phonological awareness, learn site words, begin reading, learn to write, letter of the week and more. There are a variety of hands-on activities which will promote letter recognition, beginning sound awareness, as well as establishing literacy skills.

The Grayson Academy Curriculum for preschoolers provides children with an array of individual, and small and large group activities. Each week children will explore a theme through group time introductions and reviews, daily enrichments, and additions to each learning center. Monthly they will attend a field trip to enhance their lessons for the month.
Preschool children are beginning to prepare for the elementary school years. As
professionals, the teachers at Grayson Academy provide a structured learning
environment so each child will have a strong foundation.

Advanced Private Pre-K will emphasize development of the following skills:
  • Language and Literacy - through the development of communication skills.
  • Mathematics - counting, compare and contrasting, more than… less than, number recognition, value, and estimations.
  • Science - through the exploration of habitats, different species, observations, and hands-on activities.
  • Social Studies - through the recognition of family structures and roles, community, work, and the differences and similarities of people in general.
  • Creative Development - through dramatic play, simulations, and gestures, adaptive artistic play, cutting, pasting, drawing, painting, music, creative movement, and dance.

Grayson Academy recognizes the importance of combining a well-designed
curriculum with age appropriate learning centers and understands how these two
classroom components contribute to each child’s development.

Our Advanced Private Pre-K Students will

  • Learn 100 sight words – words learned by memorization as opposed to phonetically)
  • Begin to read.
  • Learn to write their name, address, and phone #.
  • Learn a letter each week.They will learn the sound it makes, how to write it, distinguish whether it is a consonant/vowel/uppercase/lowercase, and complete a variety activities about it.
  • Family Connection and Homework Assignments weekly
  • Enrichment Programs: Foreign Language: Spanish, Monthly field trips, Fitness Adventures and Music Time Classes

Class details

  • Ratio 2:18
  • Only 18 spots available.
  • Child must be tested and pass the qualifications to be considered for a spot
  • in the Advanced Private Pre-K.
  • Class starts at 8am and ends at 3pm.Care before this time or after this time is included in the weekly tuition.
  • Follows the Gwinnett County School schedule for school closing.
  • No additional cost for child to attend during school closing days.
  • Cost $178/week.
  • Fieldtrip cost throughout the school year will be the parents' responsibility. 

Each child develops at their own pace and we encourage communication between staff members and parents on the progress of their child. Daily reports via Class Dojo to build positive behaviors with the students or weekly newsletters from the classroom teachers update parents on daily activities, future class projects, and field trips.


Parent Comments

We felt that Advance Private Pre-K was a better option for our son because he was already in the Private Pre-K class, (which was a excellent class) that had already start preparing him for Kindergarten. In the beginning, before you offered this program I was looking forward to only paying before/after school fees and him attending GA Lottery. But because we was already paying fees for Private Pre-K the paying for Advance Pre-K really didn’t matter as much because of the curriculum that you offered to the students. He have learned more than I expected him to learn in this class so it has been a very good investment for his education. Don’t get me wrong, GA Lottery is a good program as well because our oldest son went to GA Lottery at Grayson Academy and did wonderful when started kindergarten and have been on honor roll from Kindergarten until his current grade 3rd.

Below are some of the reason why we choose Advance Private Pre-K:
1. Smaller Class
2. Family Connection and Homework Assignments
3. Beginning Phonics, Reading, and Math, Weekly Vocabulary, Sight Words, Spelling
4. Daily Handwriting
5. Enrichment program: Introduction to Spanish
6. Monthly Educational Fieldtrips


We have a 4 year old son and the reason why we chose the Advanced Pre-K program is because we wanted the flexibility of our child learning at his own pace. If our son has mastered learning about planets the teacher can feel comfortable moving on to other subjects, whereas Georgia Pre-K doesn't give teachers those option, they have follow the standard program and cannot deviate, this can lead to a smart child being bored and acting out. Our son has learned a lot, such as counting to 100, he knows all the planets, his able to problem solves, to add, knows how to spell a lot of words and has been able to recognized words when we read together. These are a few of the reasons why we are glad we chose the Advanced Pre-k.


From a learning standpoint, Advanced Private Pre-K holds true to the name "advanced". My child has acquired so many skills and learning abilities that I, as a mother an additional 5th grade gifted student and a high school Sophomore have not seen before in their preschool ages. Advanced PreK has presented so much accelerated educational growth within my child's vocabulary recognition, comprehension, and life skills. I appreciate how the teachers in advanced PreK have taught my child about responsibility and respect through rewards and praise such as getting a chance to visit the treasure box if they turn in their homework by the weekly deadline. I personally will have to turn around some Thursday mornings and go back home because my child stresses the importance of not bringing her homework folder back to school by the deadline. The lessons learned are advanced and are fun for the children. My daughter teaches me things that I didn't even know (or had forgotten) like the lifecycle of butterflies and how to sign language.

I chose advanced PreK over lottery because I felt that my child had mastered the
skills that would be taught in lottery. After Grayson Academy did an assessment
of her, I could only follow my instincts.

I feel as if my child has already advanced pass Kindergarten.


For me, choosing between the Advanced and Lottery program was an easy one. My oldest son was in the Lottery program in another location one year ago. Although the program was good, it quickly became obvious that is was too slow for him. He picked up on the material quickly and was bored. For my daughter, I knew I wanted a similar program and was happy to see one was offered that would include all the key points, but be more stimulating.

The Advanced program at Grayson far exceeded my expectations. My daughter has learned so much and is continuing to learn. More importantly, she is being challenged in fun ways and is excited about learning new ideas and growing. She is able to converse about different things and retains the information well. I feel the Advanced program provides an environment that allows for more details and time to be given to each subject, creating a better atmosphere for her to really learn and understand the information. In addition to the academics, I couldn’t be more pleased with the activities that this class is able to participate in - both in school and with the outside field trips. I look forward to seeing what projects will happen next.

One of my primary goals was to make sure she would enter kindergarten and be prepared for the changes and new environment. I have no doubt that this program has successfully prepared her to do well when she begins school in the fall. To say that this was a great investment for us is an understatement. I am happy to have made this decision for my daughter.

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